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Türkiye’s Kızılırmak Delta in danger of drought

Türkiye’s Kızılırmak Delta Wetland and Bird Sanctuary, which is on the UNESCO World Temporary Heritage List, dried up and the landscape resembled a desert. Thousands of acres of wetland in the Delta have dried up due to the lack of expected precipitation in the autumn and winter seasons.

Yörükler neighborhood resident and 50 years fisherman Ali Rıza Çelik said that, ” We always used to fish nearby. Now it has dried up and it has been pasture. Fishing is almost over here.”

Another resident, Necati Kuş said that “There was snow in and around the delta at this time last year. Now, our sheep are grazing in the meadow. We are worried about next summer.”

Furkan Abrek Ünal

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