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Virtual picture gallery on Mars

Halil Sezgin, an Izmir security guard, took his passion for painting to a new level. Sezgin opened the gallery, which presents 50 local and international painters. The paintings in the gallery were virtually placed on the surface of Mars. When you click on the pictures in the gallery, which can also be viewed in three dimensions, information about the artist and the sale price of the picture are displayed.

Stating that he has been interested in painting since his childhood, Sezgin said, “There have always been plans to go to Mars. I thought I’d go and open a gallery there before anyone else. This idea was interesting to my painter friends as well. We opened a virtual gallery in May 2021. At that time, pandemic restrictions were intense. Our gallery is completely computerized. Those who want to visit the gallery can visit www.resimcenneti.com/mars.html. Those who wish can also view the gallery with VR glasses.”


Ceren Atmaca – Sinan Yeniçeri

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