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Votes from France, Austria, and the USA en route to Türkiye for Presidential Election

The voting process for the second round of the presidential election in France concluded with voters casting their votes in long queues at the Consulate General of Paris. After the voting procedures ended, sealed envelopes were placed in diplomatic bags under the supervision of party representatives and observers. The bags, safeguarded in secure rooms, are now on their way to be sent to Türkiye.

In Austria, the voting process for the second round of the presidential election also ended. The votes were carefully counted and compared with the number of voters, then sealed in 12 diplomatic sacks. Accompanied by consular officials and political party representatives, the sacks were placed in official vehicles and set out for Munich Airport. From there, they will be sent to Türkiye.

In the USA, the voting processes for registered voters were held at various consulates and centers across the country. The participation rate for the voting process, which took place from May 20 to 24, was announced to be approximately 55 percent.

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