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Woman Tells Story of Being ‘Buried Alive’ in Türkiye Earthquakes

Ayşe Yeninar, a mother who survived the Kahramanmaraş earthquake along with her two sons, Muhammed Enes and Abdülbaki, shared the harrowing details of the ordeal. The Yeninar family, trapped in their home during the earthquake, lost family members, including Ayşe’s husband and her 32-year-old son.

Recounting her painful experience, Ayşe revealed how she clung to life through dreams, unable to say goodbye to her lost loved ones. She described being buried alive, praying, and having dreams intermittently for five days while trapped in the wreckage. Ayşe’s two sons, who survived by drinking protein powder, were eventually rescued. The mother expressed gratitude for the government’s support during the challenging times.

Halil Ulubey

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