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11th presidential election attempt fails, parliament members stage sit-in act in lebanon

Around 10 parliament members have been staging a sit-in act in the parliament in Lebanon, where lawmakers have failed to elect a new president 11 times in the last three months. The act was initiated by two parliament members on Tuesday, when the last election was held, and the activists claim keeping it going until a new president is elected.

“I believe this is our duty to be here with them. We are here since yesterday as the Lebanese Kataeb Party. There are other MPs here and we will continue the sit-in because this is a constitutional right and it is our duty to keep the doors of the parliament open until the election of a president,” said Elias Hankash, Parliament Member.

Along with the sit-in act, citizens have been calling for the election and solutions for their worsening living conditions near the parliament for the last two days.

“We stand in solidarity with them and we ask all MPs all over Lebanon and the Lebanese to come and stand in solidarity with the MPs here, and we ask the Lebanese to come to the parliament without cutting roads or destroying any public properties. Just come to the parliament to ask for the election of a Lebanese president as per a pure Lebanese decision,” says Adnan Abdallah, local resident.

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