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4 Eylul Dam in Türkiye’s Sivas Resurrects from Drought

In Sivas, the 4 Eylul Dam, previously plagued by drought, has made a remarkable turnaround as it brims with water once again following recent heavy rains. Situated near the village of Kolca and 4 Eylül Village at the heart of Sivas, the dam had experienced a near-complete depletion due to insufficient rainfall and drought last year. This scarcity of water led to water cuts within the city, where a portion of its drinking water supply relies on the dam. However, with the advent of this year’s torrential downpours, the desolate landscape of the dam has been replaced by an overwhelming abundance of water. Previously reduced to a mere 30% capacity, the dam’s transformation from arid wasteland to flourishing reservoir can be witnessed in the stark contrast between images captured last year and those taken this year. The sight of the once-sorrowful dam now brings joy to the people of the region.


Volkan Kaplan – Mert Taha Varol

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