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A Madagascarian Minister survived by swimming for 12 hours after his helicopter crashed

A helicopter in Madagascar, which Madagascar Police Minister Serge Gelle was on board, has crashed while it was flying to the scene to investigate the area after a passenger boat sank in the northeastern part of the country. While being survived after the crash, Police Minister Gelle reached the shore by swimming for 12 hours. It’s been stated that 39 people died in the crash and 2 people together with Minister survived from the accident. While the cause of the crash is unclear, Gelle told that he swam from 7:30 PM Monday to 7:30 AM Tuesday. Gelle said that he is all right in the video that recorded by villagers in Mohambo, and said he wanted his family and country to see the video. Police chief Zafisambatra Ravoavy stated that Gelle had used one of the helicopter’s seats as a flotation device. Ravoavy told that Gelle always has great stamina in sport and he’s kept up this rhythm as minister. Meanwhile, Madagascarian Politician Andry Rajoelina expressed his deep sorrow over the loss of lives in the crash in his post on social media.

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