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Aerial Images Reflect Post-Earthquake Devastation in Türkiye’s Hatay

Aerial images captured a year after the devastating February 6 earthquakes in Hatay’s Antakya district unveiled the colossal destruction, marking it as the disaster of the century. Comparing old and new images from the same location in Hatay city center, the transformation is stark. While the old images showcased thousands of houses, the recent images reveal only a few dozen structures remaining in the center.

The catastrophe resulted in significant damage to historical landmarks, including the Habib-i Neccar Mosque, the historical governorship, and the town hall. The city center, depicted as a vast debris heap in initial images, now presents a substantial void, emphasizing the magnitude of the disaster. In the aftermath, most surviving buildings face demolition, and some citizens still reside in the few structures that remain intact.

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