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Ancient Cendere Bridge Stands Tall Amidst Türkiye Quake


In the aftermath of the 7.7 and 7.6 magnitude earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş, Türkiye, numerous buildings were devastated, but the ancient Cendere Bridge in Adıyaman’s Kahta district emerged unscathed. This Roman-era bridge, positioned over the Cendere stream and connecting Kahta and Sincik districts, stands out as one of the world’s oldest functional bridges. Situated 55 kilometers from Adıyaman, the historical Cendere Bridge, located in the ancient settlement known as Eskikale, showcases monumental Ancient Roman architecture. Comprising two arches, a primary arch, and an evacuation arch, the bridge is constructed from massive, mortar-free cut stones. With a width of 7 meters, height of 30 meters, and length of 120 meters, the bridge’s unique architectural feature includes its ramp-like ascent from both ends, enhancing its stability and grandeur. The southern entrance is adorned with Corinthian columns, further highlighting the historical significance of this resilient structure.


Uğur Uslubaş – Ahmet Berke Erdal

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