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French Unions Call for More Strikes over Pension Reform

French unions have called for two more days of strikes on Feb 7 and 11 in an effort to force the government to reconsider its pension reform plan. The French Interior Ministry reported over 1.2 million people took to the streets across France to protest the plan, which will raise the retirement age to 64. The largest union, CGT, claimed 2.8 million participated in the protests. Clashes took place between some protesters and police in Paris and tear gas was fired, resulting in the arrest of dozens.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne acknowledged the concerns of those opposed to the reform and has heard their “questions and doubts.” The pension reform plan will raise the legal retirement age by three months per year until it reaches 64 by 2030 and introduce a guaranteed minimum pension. Starting in 2027, people will need to work 43 years to receive a full pension.

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