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Insight into the Israeli Soldiers’ Gathering Point


The Israeli army initiated a mobilization effort, summoning both reserve soldiers from within the country and those stationed abroad. Hundreds of these reserve soldiers were transported to the Gaza border by buses, where they await their deployment. Additionally, a motivational dinner was organized for the soldiers at the assembly center, with Israeli civilian volunteers providing meals for high-ranking and reserve soldiers.

The contrast between the ongoing bombardment in blockaded Gaza and the barbecues on the Israeli side of the border serves as a stark reminder of the grim realities of war.

As preparations for soldiers heading to the front line are finalized, Israel called up roughly three-quarters of its reserve forces in response to the conflict. These reservists arrived at the southern Israeli border by bus and joined standing army troops at the assembly center. Soldiers were equipped and, in some cases, received haircuts before their deployment to the Israel-Gaza border, following health checks.


İsmail Coşkun – Volkan Kayalar

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