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Palestinian Dentist Treats Patients in Tent

 Attacks on the Gaza Strip also target Israeli hospitals, clinics and clinics. Despite all the difficulties, doctors continue to treat patients in tents. Palestinian dentist Najdat Saqr’s tent in the Al-Sawarha area was converted into a clinic. Dentist Saqr, without the Palestinians displaced by the treatments brought from his office, which became unusable, said in his statement that he had to leave his office in Nuseirat Refugee Camp after treatment for serious damage in the attacks. Najdat Saqr said, “After the lack of dental care for many people living in the six regions, many clinics talking about treatment, and doctors leaving the Gaza Strip, I decided to open my practice in a tent.” Stating that the big problem you are experiencing is the lack of electricity, water and materials required for treatment, Saqr said, “Unfortunately, these do not exist at the moment, and even if they were available, they would be sold at very expensive prices.”

WHO’s Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus reports 906 attacks on healthcare across Gaza, West Bank, Israel, and Lebanon since October 7. These attacks resulted in 736 deaths and 1,014 injuries. Ghebreyesus pledges WHO’s ongoing support for hospitals, ensuring continued care amidst conflict.

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