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Protest Against French Government in New Caledonia: 48 detained

New Caledonia faced turbulent scenes as demonstrations escalated against a proposed electoral bill. The bill, aimed at altering the voting system, sparked outrage among indigenous communities in the French territory. The protests quickly turned violent, leading to widespread chaos and damage.

Reports indicate that 50 security personnel sustained injuries during clashes, and authorities detained 48 individuals in connection with the unrest. Furthermore, about 200 vehicles were set ablaze, adding to the mayhem in the streets.

In response to the escalating situation, a curfew was imposed in Noumea, the capital, with restrictions on public gatherings and alcohol sales. Flights at the international airport were halted, and schools suspended educational activities until further notice.

Louis Le Franc, the High Commissioner of the Republic, condemned the violence, highlighting the injuries sustained by law enforcement officials and the measures taken to restore order amidst the protests.

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