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Restoration Continues at Historic Ottoman Selimiye Mosque

Restoration work continues in Selimiye Mosque, Mimar Sinan’s masterpiece built in 1568 during Ottoman era, listed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Initiated in November 2021, the restoration involves a team of 115 professionals. Using 3D technology, the team meticulously works on the main dome, minarets, courtyard, fountain, tiles, and gardens, aiming to restore them to their original glory.

According to the regional director of Edirne Foundations Ahmet Sarac, the structural integrity of the mosque has been confirmed through static examinations and georadar surveys. While a part of the mosque remains open for worship, the goal is to complete the interior restoration and open the entire prayer area this year. Most of the restoration work has already been completed, highlighting the enduring splendor of Selimiye Mosque in Edirne, Türkiye.


Mehmet Basmacı

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