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War in Gaza Impacts Jerusalem’s Vibrant Ramadan Customs

Scenes of profound sadness are currently prevailing in Jerusalem, particularly within the historic Old City, as the Gaza War enters its sixth month. This year’s Ramadan observance in the region are markedly different from previous years, marked by a somber atmosphere and a notable absence of traditional decorations and celebrations. One poignant example of this change can be seen at Damascus Gate, a usually vibrant entrance to Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa, which now stands devoid of its usual festive lights, replaced instead by an air of sorrow and reflection. The ongoing conflict in Gaza has cast a shadow over the usual fervor and joy associated with Ramadan, leading to subdued markets and a sense of solidarity with those affected by the war.

The scenes we are accustomed to seeing in Jerusalem during the blessed holy month of Ramadan are absent. There are no buses carrying thousands of arrivals to Jerusalem, no gates crowded with crowds of longing people, and no squares, corridors, and mosques filled with worshipers. The occupation measures and restrictions imposed on the entry of worshipers, especially those from the West Bank, prevented these scenes that characterize Al-Aqsa in this holy month annually.

Ahmed Al-Safadi from Jerusalem says that the Gaza war casts its shadow on Jerusalem, and there is a close connection to that in terms of its impact on the economic situation and the siege of Al-Aqsa Mosque. The occupation is besieging the mosque. Ahmed adds that the Israeli government claims that the same number of worshipers will flow in as in previous years, with worshipers entering Jerusalem, and he says that it has not This happens as a result of the closure on the West Bank and they cannot come to the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Israeli occupation forces also prevented visiting Palestinians who live in the West Bank from praying and reaching Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Mustafa Ayyad from Jerusalem says there is a sad atmosphere in Jerusalem with what the country is going through, so the neighborhoods of Jerusalem were not decorated while we are waiting for citizens from the West Bank to enter Jerusalem to complete the celebrations in the holy month.

Kamel Jabreen Saied that -sad atmosphere in Jerusalem, a sad atmosphere in light of the war, genocide in Gaza, the killing of children and women, and the Jerusalemites are sad about what is happening in Jerusalem. There is no happy atmosphere for the month of Ramadan, and the children of Jerusalem also feel sad about what is happening in Gaza. We hope that the month of Ramadan will pass in a good condition for the Islamic nation and the people of Jerusalem. Jabareen hopes to end the war on Gaza

He explains that Jerusalem is sad, its walls, its gate, and Al-Aqsa Mosque as well, as a result of what is happening in Gaza. There is no joy in Ramadan like every year, and all Jerusalemites are sad about what is happening in Gaza.

In the streets of ancient Jerusalem and its old town, there are Ramadan lanterns, with no one to buy them, and the fasting Jerusalem continues life. It fasts during Ramadan under a stifling siege, which Jerusalem paralyzes its commercial movement. The shops are doing their work despite the difficult economic conditions.

At night, Jerusalemites gather in Damascus Gate under the guard of the occupation to increase their sadness, and Jerusalem remains sad on the one hand from the war on Gaza and on the other hand from the occupation that restricts Palestinians in their movement and celebration of aspects of life in.

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