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Al-Sakoon Park: The Hanging Garden in Yemen

“Al-Sakoon Park” in Al-Turbah region – Taiz province – in Yemen is considered one of the most beautiful and attractive parks in the country, as it was built on a steep mountain slope to be one of the legendary hanging gardens. It has become a preferred destination for Taiz residents and those from neighboring provinces, especially during the ongoing war that has led to the closure of all parks and gardens in the city.

Nestled on the edge of a rocky slope, overseeing a deep valley in the Al-Turbah area south of Taiz, this park stands as a testament to beauty in Yemen. Its allure lies in the captivating architectural design, intricate decorations, sculptural details, and the seamless integration of elements within the landscape. The pathways seem to weave through the slopes and caves, forming a spectacle reminiscent of a breathtaking hanging garden.


Expatriate in a Gulf Country Initiated the Project

Inspired by a vision for greatness and leveraging years of architectural expertise, a businessman, an expatriate in a Gulf country, initiated this project nearly a decade ago. However, it remains incomplete due to the ongoing events in Yemen.

The idea started with a small building located on the edge of the mountain, which the project owner wanted to be a place for rest, tranquility, and contemplation, especially since its spacious view of Al-Hanan Valley in the Al-Shamaitain district allows the viewer to swim in his imagination without any interruption.

The project evolved as pathways were modified, connecting the building to its annexes. This led to innovative ideas, sculpting mountain features and rock caves into a connected series of buildings, pathways, and suspended bridges, all crafted from local rocky stone in harmonious architectural designs. Trees were strategically planted along the pathways and caves, preserving the ecological balance and enhancing the natural beauty.

Skilled Yemeni workers were able to build a small mosque after carving a cavity in the depth of the slope, building it from the abundant rocky stone available in the area after polishing and shaping it into wonderful decorative forms.

The project expanded further by establishing an adjacent model farm containing seasonal fruit trees that are famous for being cultivated in the region, with its production now covering the local market of the province and neighboring areas.

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